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Holotype, Quirotype, Pseudogenotype, Pliogenotype - TaxonWorks will support them all!

The Species File Group has always sought to provide robust nomenclatural "auditing" in our software. We include many tests to ensure that nomenclatural metadata conforms to the applicable governing rules. In an effort to further formalize aspects of these tests we recently released the NOMEN ontology, a resource that we hope evolves into a community-based standard. Today, we're very happy to announce a second, similar initiative focused on supporting the types of types used in the Linnean systems of nomenclature.

Taxonomists are very familiar with the concept of types. The usage of some types of types are governed according to a code of nomenclature, for example there are special rules regarding holotypes (the name bearing specimen for a species name) in the ICZN. The usage of other types of types are not governed, they are merely useful to taxonomists who are managing a lot of different data. For example an author may reference an allotype, the opposite sex specimen o…