Friday, July 25, 2014

A Russian Invasion

A short note to mention that the Species File Group is in the process of hiring a new full time member, Dr. Dmitry Dmitriev.  Dmitry brings with him a wealth of experience both with respect to collections and biodiversity informatics. Among many other things, he's the author of 3i, a really nice set of biodiversity informatics tools.  In part he'll be taking his experience and data with 3i and moving it into TaxonWorks.

We'd also like to welcome Yuri Ruskov to the Species File Group offices.  Yuri works with the Catalog of Life, but he will now be housed with us. Yuri has his finger on the pulse of a very large number of orphaned yet imported taxonomic databases, and we hope to collaborate to bring these into a modern platform like TaxonWorks, his proximity will facilitate this process.

Welcome to both!

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