Thursday, June 30, 2016

Insect Frenzy

This is the third in a series of posts by our intern Jeff  Jaureguy.

Day 3
June 27, 2016

Map of site #1Creative Commons License
         I was spoiled this morning with an amazing Norwegian breakfast called  a smothered omelet lefse wrap at the Norske Nook.  Who would have known this beautiful gem would be in such a small town.  We packed the car and headed out of the town of Hayward towards our next field site in Washburn county on the Namekagon River at Lat: 46.02739, Long: -92.01258.  This was a very large river about 80 m wide and had a blackish brownish color.  I ended up using a dip net the whole time scouring the river for aquatic insects.  I found a lot of caddisfly pupae and casings on the bottom of the river along with some local fish, my first catch!  
Map of site #2 Creative Commons License
The next site we collected at was in Burnett county at the St. Croix River at Lat: 46.07568, Long: -92.7077.  This location was a very large sinuous river with a dark brown color to the water.  I collected samples using a beating sheet and stick in the river.  I found an assortment of caddisflies, stoneflies, and mayflies.  Dimitri, one of the head researchers at Illinois Natural History Survey found a megaloptera along the side of the road on the way back to the van.  It was a very intricate looking insect with a very beautiful patterned set of wings.  
Megaloptera Creative Commons License
After the day sites we went home rested, had dinner and then headed back out for our three scheduled night collections utilizing UV lights.  Wow, what a long exciting 12 hour day, got to get some rest and gather energy for the next day.  Stay tuned for more excitement!    

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