Monday, July 4, 2016

The St Croix River

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This is the fourth in a series of posts by our intern Jeff  Jaureguy.     

Day 4
June 29, 2016        

Started off another beautiful day in the amazing state of Wisconsin to a gourmet breakfast at a local café recommended by Dr. DeWalt.  This place had an amazing assortment of delicious doughnuts and pastries, I ended up picking the freshly made apple fritters.

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         Headed out  on the St Croix River for another long field day at a site along a river which used to be an old logging camp that used the river in the 1800s for sending their logs downstream.  The place had a old cobblestone wall along the dense green forest which then led to a old water wheel further down the beaten path.  I jumped into the stream, and started sifting through the sticks and mud looking for caddisflies, mayflies, and stoneflies to add to the sample.  Found a lot of caddisflies at this site due to being at headwaters section of the river.  
Location for ultra violet light trap. Creative Commons License
        Tonight we headed out to set our last three UV light traps at three different locations.  The protocol of night collecting is going to the first site and setting a light trap, which consists of finding a hidden location and placing a white tray with the UV light on top.  After the first light trap is set we continue on to the next site with a specific latitude longitude and place the light trap.  This process is repeated until all three light traps are placed.  Once all the lights traps are set we have to wait two hours for the insects to land in the trays of alcohol. 
Starry Night Creative Commons License
        At the last site we had to hike in pitch dark with only our head lamps and the moonlight to help guide the way.  It was a long hike from the farm down through the forest out into the stream.  It was the first time in ages I was able to see whole starry sky.  I lost myself staring into the beautiful cosmos and embraced the void of our existence, I thought to myself what a beautiful universe that we are a part of.  Dimitri and Matt started discussing the different constellations and where certain stars were located, giving me a beginners lesson on astronomy.  I went home that night feeling connected to myself and the rest of life with a smile deep within my being.  

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